Welcome to livthemoment.com. We are glad that you are visiting our site and checking out what we have to offer. Thank you for taking the time to experience this moment with us.

Now let’s get down to it!!! livthemoment.com is a party/ event review, referral & finder site. No wait, its more than that! Life is all about small or big moments in time. Where you can spend most of that time worrying about stuff you can’t control, stressing out about things that haven’t come yet or living in the past. Let livthemoment.com help you out of that depressing funk.

Because when you get down to it, it’s really simple:

  • If you’re sad, you’re living in the past.
  • If you’re nervous, you’re living in the future.
  • If you’re happy, you’re living in the moment.

On this site we’re here to help you find those moments. Experience those moments & share those moments & livthemoment.com!!!!

Frequently asked questions:

How do I use this site?
A: Use this site to find out what’s going on socially locally in your area.

How can I save money when partying using this site?
A: by becoming a live the moment member you will get email and text straight to your phone optional updating you with all the local party concert discounts.

And you could also win VIP party passes 2  participating clubs of your choice. just by writing a review about you your Club party experience

If I’m a promoter and I own a club and I want to use this site for promotion how do I go about that? and how does it benefit me and my business ?
A: It’s simple over 70 % of are site members are party night life people. meaning they’re always looking for the next spot to check out. By posting your upcoming event on our event wall it  , promotes awareness of your venue to that party demo  age 18 to 34.

I’m a geek and I’m trying to find social and local events where I could hang out around more people like me and share my interest. Can I use this site for that?                                

A: Absolutely this is a one shop shop for all Syfy fantasy , comic book, Tech and gamer culture just check out the geek out club every week to find out what’s going on  and being talked about in your area.

How do I navigate through your site to find out what’s going on socially and locally in my area and beyond my area???

A: easy by using  the site tools

Directory that gives you a list of most of the party events in the West Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale area Orlando and Miami coming

Party calender there to know the exact date and schedule of nightlife/daylight party events

How do I get in on the action and is the site hiring???
A: Liv the moment.com is currently looking to grow their team and looking for outgoing energetic people love to live the moment. just click on get paid to party in the lobby application and we would love to join are team
We’re looking for freelancers photographers professional club reviewers and street team members .