After hand-picking a select group of people to teach the 90-day course. The students will get one month free! Try it out and see if it’s right for you.

You will learn marketing strategies on how to use social media to your advantage to increase your online presence. You will also learn a blueprint on how to make money from social and new media, and both large and small businesses will pay you to promote their brand.

You will learn Analytics and how to use social media and New Media to your advantage.

You be taught by one of the top guys, Maximilian, former New Media program president of Palm Beach State College. He worked in radio promotions for over 10 years. Specializing in training promotion team members. Max started his career in promotion, working with:

  • X-102.3 (Hip Hop station)
  • Sunny 104.3 (80’s, 90’s & Classics)
  • 103.7 BUZZ (alternative rock)
  • 103.1 WIRK (Country music station)
  • 97.9 WRMF (top 40 station)
  • Power 96 (Miami’s Hit Station)

If you need to get your product out there or the party started, he is your man. He has run a successful street team promoting events, and many marketing campaigns both large & small, and promoted products & services such as Kapoya Energy Drinks, Geico, Uber & Subways.He is currently CEO of liv the moment, an entertainment marketplace.

We are looking for people that have the talent to excel at new media studies.

Topics Covered

  • Fashion trends reviewer: This course is specialized for students interested in fashion blogs/ websites and how to use social media to draw an audience.
  • Gamer: This course will teach you how to play and review video games then draw a profit using social media
  • Music media: With the way people listen to music constantly evolving people are always looking for new music to try and listen to. We will teach you how to be there music guide.
  • News, Tech, Entertainment, Business, & Trends: The internet could be an overwhelming place. We’re going to teach you how to distribute the most important crucial news that people need, become a trusted “Influencer" and get paid for it.
  • Tech & product reviews: We have come a very long way in the last 50 years. Computers in your pocket, virtual reality, the internet, you name it. People want to know what’s cutting edge. We can help you become the “goto" person everyone comes to to get that information and get paid for it.
  • Healthy and Food reviewer: Some of the most searched terms on the Internet is health food. If you love being healthy and you want to teach people how to be healthy we can help you become a major health “Influencer" and get paid for it.
  • Geek Culture: It doesn’t look like the geek culture is going away anytime soon. Become a major geek “Influencer" in anime, comic books, gaming and sci-fi culture while getting paid.
  • Social Injustice Issues: The world can be an unfair Place. Lots of bad things happen to good people. Become a social media “Influencer" for justice. If you see something bad that happens in social media like a kid getting beat up, bullying, someone losing their home or someone that may need money for a major surgery and you want to learn how to crowdsource money to help them. We will teach you how to do so.
  • Image Design: Perception is a reality people sometimes overlook. Businesses need people to become their design consultant experts in social & new media. We will teach you how to be a consultant.

We are not promising you a job. We are just teaching you how to survive and create opportunities in the new media era. We will also introduce you to people and jobs that will pay you to do what you love.